Do you ship outside of Thailand?

Yes we do but sadly at this stage, we do not include international shipping in our "Checkout" process. Please contact us before placing any order. You can also create "Wishlist" and send us by email.

What is the payment schedule and how do I pay?

Please do fully payment within 3 days for the products you order through our web shopping cart. For larger order above 100,000 THB, 50% upfront payment is required upon the confirmation of order and another 50% when the order is ready to ship. Otherwise, 100% advanced payment is required for any order. You can pay direct bank transfer or online.

Why no "Add to Cart" button in my "Wishlist"?

Because out of stock and you can still send us your "Wishlist" by email. We will check and let you know how soon you can get your "Wishlist" products.

Please contact us for more questions.

Do you offer wholesale or FOB? What's the difference?

We offer both. Wholesale is the best price with the minimum order of 50,000 THB and customer pays all shipping cost. FOB requires the minimum order of 100,000 THB which covers domestic delivery cost to the port of destination.

How to place a custom order and what is lead time?

A custom design or sample need to be approved before making any decision. Depends on your total order, we may need 45 days to 90 days lead time.

What is MOQ for wholesale and customer order?

The minimum order volume per item may be as low as 5 pieces but specific MOQ may apply for certain products. Confirmation is required at the time of order.

How do I send or share my "Wishlist"?

You can create your "Wishlist" without "Login" but to send us your "Wishlist" by email or share to social media sites, you must "Login" first.