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Smile Project; A Fair Trade Donation

By Emma Kengatharan

The Smile Project has actively been in existence for the last few years. Initially, it was created so that the products could go to our artisans who would make better utility off the goods, however due to certain situational quandaries, not everyone is looking for concrete commodities. Therefore, we feel that through this year’s charity, we will both vend as well as donate certain goods that may be of use to our producers and their families. 

Usually, we were distributing the products directly to our artisans in different villages, though due to the lockdown restrictions being bestowed upon, we aren’t allowed to visit in person, thus making it a difficult dilemma for us to have a direct contact. We are grateful for the donors who has been so kind with their contribution to our project, we are humbled at your services and hope that you continue to do so whenever possible. 

Though this isn’t entirely a large collective sum, we are simply trying to turn donation into cash in case of any emergencies, where we would be able to provide a fund that would be of great use to our artisans. By finding different ways to support our artisans seems rather plausible through this progression. 

What better ways is there than to find a new home for your pre-loved produces, may that be of articles of clothing or household goods, or even your artistic endeavoured products that you wish to share with us. It is also important to note that the products given to us are by people who wish not to accumulate more than what they need – used and unused goods- therefor, there are products of all categories are expected to be found – a pair of rollerblades are looking for a new owner – perhaps it could be you.    

If you are feeling charitable, you are more than welcome to donate your pre-loved products, and if you are feeling philanthropic then you can purchase a few, which in return helps us gather money for our charity, by providing tangible things to our producers.

Note: The selling of products can be done in the morning by appointment but normal hours for purchasing will be between 1-5 pm.

This is a permanent project that is expected to go be an ongoing one, so if you are looking to revamp your apparels and update it to some new loving clothes, then you know where to find us.

Here’s the link to our Google map.

Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade
208 Bumruang Rajd Rd
Tambon Wat Ket
Muang Chiang Mai 50000

Eagerly anticipating on your arrival! 

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