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The Importance of Social Corporate Responsibility Programs

With limited access to land, education, and employment opportunities, Northern Thai minorities struggle to generate enough income to provide for themselves and their families. In need to satisfy basic needs, indigenous people take any opportunity to earn a living, facing unfair working conditions and hardships of manual labor. Founded in 1973, Thai Tribal Crafts was determined to make a change. Providing tribes with advice and financial assistance, we are proud to say that we are working towards improving the quality of life in the Northern region.

However, our work would not have been possible without the support of other regional players. To assist local communities, we raise awareness by working in close collaborations with multiple organizations and activists. Despite many obstacles, we believe that with the help from big organizations and corporations we will be able to create enough opportunities to improve the current situation. We are definite that Social Corporate Responsibility should become one of the standard business practices in Thailand. Corporations need to understand the impact they have on the world around them and implement a program of social responsibility activities to give back to the communities.

One of our most recent partners, Gogoprint Thailand, took part in our latest public awareness campaign and helped us print educational leaflets in order to promote the best ethical business practices and fair trade principles. This little act of kindness will help our organization attract more attention to the cause and strengthen our efforts in assisting local communities.

Thai Tribal Crafts hopes that more and more organizations across Thailand will implement CSR programs in their business activities and support local NGOs to improve the lives of people living in poverty. If you want to make a change, get involved and contribute to our mission. Together we are able to make the world a better place.

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