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Placing Fairness at the heart of climate ambitions

Why placing fairness at the heart of climate ambitions is so important?

” …the fight against climate change is fundamentally about human rights and securing
justice for those suffering from its impact -vulnerable communities- …
I call it climate justice – putting people at the heart of the solution”

Mary Robinson, UN Special Envoy on Climate Change

The urgency to act is very high and we all need a healthy planet to thrive. However, even if we are all impacted
by the effects of the climate crisis, we do not all suffer them to the same extent. There are big
differences in what people can do to protect and adapt themselves to severe consequences,
depending on the social, economic and political conditions in which they live.

The COVID pandemic has confirmed the stark structural inequalities that span our globe, and the
increasingly urgent need to rebuild our economic system in a way which is socially-just and planet friendly. We need a new way to understand business relations. Continuing down the path of
business-as-usual for the only purpose of profit will have catastrophic consequences for our
present and future generations. Read more from Fair Trade Movement Position Paper

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