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The 3F’s to give: Fun, Fair and Fabulous

Photographed and written by: Emma Kengatharan

One response asserts that perhaps the current financial system is noncompliance, cumbersome in economic efficiency, and replenishes natural resources. Fair trade, in this perspective, is a strong tool for highlighting the present system’s inconsistencies. As the Covid-19 predicament on the rise, people are succumbed to the unbearability of social destruction. Consequently, leading to the failures of many individually-found businesses – To whom our heart bleeds for.   

The world of Fair-trade is often criticised on the basic of lack of understanding. Yes, of course, It is simple to condemn, but generating alternatives is considerably more difficult than one would imagine. Numerous endeavours, meanwhile are forming to target the support groups in fair-trade so that of those who are lacking financial aid could overcome the scuffles. It is critical to build a dedicated audience to sustain the platform, with both terms of everyday conservation and utilisation. Of what we strive to achieve here in Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade. One of the most significant things we can do on a daily basis to protect these local organisations run based on fair-trade is to purchase locally, being aware of where your monetary supplies go to and who do they benefit. These are all sensible to consider as they seem more fair-minded and impartial. This is commendable and crucially important.  

During the first hit of the virus outbreak, our organisation was unable to keep the business consecutively, therefore we were closed for multiple weeks on end. Though this was a struggle to put forth and move by, we are resolute in our fight uphold and protect our artisans and our wish faith in surviving these despicable bearings of hazarding perils. With determination and set goals, we can at least say that we are in fact ready to tackle anything that’s to be thrown on our way. 

Our current state of affairs isn’t tremored by our determination to keep this on the run for inasmuch as we can, but that won’t be possible on the long haul; if it isn’t supported by our loyal customer – yes, you! 

Fear not, our current state is introductory, as we aim to extend our business further into the global market, with an auxiliary production to withhold. Why shop at TTCFT? Because we believe in the world of fairness – an opportunity that allows us to not only prevent injustice but aid those in our community. 

                                    One of the newly added things as customers demanded, we are happy to announce that there will be a chance for you to meet our artisans and our producers directly, in person, with assisted help, you are now able to witness the process of your produce with your own eyes. 

What’s more? you may wonder, Well, we have now added weekly weaving classes taught by a professional minority weaver who will be teaching you individually, with utmost intricate focus, you could not possibly be anything but the master of weaving at the end of each class. And the cherry on top for this – if you bring a friend to accompany you, you can get a 10% discount. What’s better than learning together and bettering one’s ability to create something so simple and yet beautiful. And lucky you, by the mere mentioning of this article will present an additional 10% for whatever purchase you make at our store.  

Our staffs are very well prepared and are precautionary of the procedures that is taken under covid-19 situation, therefor the safety of your wealth is exclusively on our hands as it is yours.

We are merrily looking forward to welcoming you to the TTCFT’s novel measures. 

Come and have a weave!

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