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The Importance of Social Corporate Responsibility Programs

With limited access to land, education, and employment opportunities, Northern Thai minorities struggle to generate enough income to provide for themselves and their families. In need to satisfy basic needs, indigenous people take any opportunity to earn a living, facing unfair working conditions and hardships of manual labor. Founded in 1973, Thai Tribal Crafts was determined to make a change. Providing tribes with advice and financial assistance, we are proud to say that we are working towards improving the quality of life in the Northern region.

However, our work would not have been possible without the support of other regional players. To assist local communities, we raise awareness by working in close collaborations with multiple organizations and activists. Continue reading The Importance of Social Corporate Responsibility Programs

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Tribal Lifestyle Festival 2018 Chiang Mai


Tribal Lifestyle Festival 2018 was held from 15 to 18 August 2018 at The Tribal Museum in the Mueang Chiang Mai District of Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand. Due to our working days and other business schedule, we could not join from the first day but decided to join on the last day.

The event location was a bit out of the city area and it was rain on the last day. So, not many people joint the event but it was very nice and well organized with traditional performance, foods and handicrafts by tribal communities. Here are some pictures we took. Enjoy!

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Fair Trade breaks poverty in Thailand

hill tribe weaving class - traditional weaving class Chiang mai

Fair Trade breaks the chain of poverty. Fair traders around the world, together with small producers and backed by consumers, are breaking the chains of poverty. Fair Trade is growing and that is our proof that we are gaining our fight against extreme poverty.

To ensure their way out of poverty, producer-beneficiaries of WFTO members receive fair prices for their products, long-term income security, capacity-building and life-skills trainings, no discrimination, no slavery, and good working condition.

“It is unacceptable that there are still over 1 billion people living in extreme poverty and deep deprivation. That is why at WFTO we fight poverty together with the small producers through sustainable solutions. The 10 Fair Trade Principles are our weapon. It is important that the eradication of poverty is done together with those affected. And with the support of consumers and businesses Fair Trade can go even further in its contribution to poverty eradication.”

– Rudi Dalvai, WFTO President